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Manchester Eagles Board Members

 PositionName  Phone Number
Email Address 
President Thomas Owens 203-561-6177  
Vice PresidentAshley Pultar 603-548-8384 [email protected] 
Secretary Jessica Ferrarini
Treasurer Vickie Iwuala  
Cheer CoordinatorAmy Lesko  603-716-4486 [email protected] 
Football Coordinator
Mike Williams 281-258-0278 [email protected] 
Football Equipment Manager
Larry Gill
 352-457-3374 [email protected] 
Fundraising DirectorMike Ferrarini 603-858-5827 [email protected] 
Scholastic Coordinator Jennifer Godzyk   
Volunteer Coordinator Kristi Felch   
Webmaster Leah Lister  [email protected] 
Concession ManagerVacant 
Challengers Liaison Stephanie Nye   
Registrar Japa Duldulao 
At LargeJennifer Owens
At Large

At Large
Mike Hunter

Kym Prive
All members can be emailed at[email protected]   

Board Members Responsibilities

All members of the MEPW Board of Directors are expected to attend all monthly meetings and assist with game day activities and special events and Participate in all Fundraising for the full term of the Board.

President: The President shall preside at all meetings of MEPW. He/She shall also be responsible for the overall administration of the Association and act as spokesperson concerning any internal and external problems/conflicts. The President of MEPW is also expected to represent the Association at regular State meetings. The President is responsible for imposing and enforcing any disciplinary action voted on by the Board of Directors. The President will set all meeting dates, times and locations. The President will dictate the agenda of each meeting. 

Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President with his/her duties. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. The Vice President shall also act as an assistant to the Treasurer. Aiding in the dispersing of funds as well as checking financial records and statements for accuracy. 

Secretary: The Secretary records the proceedings of all meetings, prepares the minutes and sends out the meeting notices (with a copy of the minutes from the previous meeting and a copy of the agenda) no later than two days prior to the meeting date. The Secretary will maintain all other records of the program, except financial records. The Secretary is responsible for the collection of paperwork from each participant as well as the preparation of all certification books. The Secretary will handle all paperwork, rosters, make necessary changes to said rosters and maintain files for MEPW. 

Treasurer: The Treasurer collects and disperses all funds, prepare budgets, reports on the status of the funds and maintain all financial records. The Treasurer will work in conjunction with the MEPW President and/or the Vice President to ensure account accuracy. All monies   will be counted and documented by the Treasurer with at least one other Board Member. A minimum of two copies of the current financial statement should be brought to every meeting, one for viewing and one for the secretary to attach to minutes. 

Football Coordinator: The Football Coordinator oversees the football part of the MEPW program and acts as a liaison between the coaches and the Board of Directors. He/She is responsible for organizing coaches and will report to the Board of Directors all business of the football program. The Football Coordinator shall submit candidates for Head Coaching positions to the Board of Directors for approval. Also, the Football Coordinator will schedule scrimmages for all MEPW teams and will set all of the football rosters. Football Coordinator is not allowed to head or assistant coach. All purchases for football equipment and uniforms must go through the equipment manager and 3 comparison quotes are to be provided.

Cheer and Dance Coordinator: The Cheer and Dance Coordinator oversees the cheering part of MEPW program and acts as liaison between the coaches and the Board of Directors. He/She is responsible to report to the Board of Directors all business of the cheering program. The Cheerleading Coordinator shall submit candidates for Head Coaching positions to the Board of Directors for approval. Also, the Cheerleading Coordinator will set all of the cheerleading rosters. Cheer Coordinator is not allowed to head or assistant coach.3 comparison quotes are to be provided. 

Equipment Manager: The Equipment Manager is responsible for the organization of the equipment, overseeing the handout and collection of all football and Cheer equipment belonging to MEPW and preparing annual equipment budget

Director of Fundraising: The Director of Fundraising is responsible for overseeing the activities needed to raise the funds required to cover the expected budget for the year. In addition, the Director of fundraising will oversee the scheduling of Picture Day and the actual booking of the photographer. The Director of Fundraising will review the approved budgets and create a fundraising plan for the entire season including post season competition. The Fundraising Director will approve all Public Relations material prior to printing or disbursement. If a suitable candidate is not elected the Fundraising roll will be filled by the Treasurer.

Concessions Manager: The Concessions Manager is responsible for all concessions related activities, which are intended to raise funds on behalf of MEPW. These activities include but are not limited to training, purchasing, setting prices at the discretion of the Executive Board of Directors and vendor management. All discretionary spending is to be reviewed and voted on by the Executive Board of Directors. 

Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the scheduling of volunteer personnel for all home games and special events and will also make sure that league handouts; to include but not limited to weekly newsletters, are handed out to Team Parents on a weekly basis. Volunteer Coordinator will follow the PWLS, Inc. rules for finding Team Parents and will work along side of coaches. Volunteer Coordinator will have weekly meetings with Team parents. 

Scholastics Coordinator: The Little Scholars Coordinator is responsible tracking and reporting the grade point average for all participants in MEPW as well as filing all necessary paperwork for scholastic s at the State, Regional and National level. If a suitable candidate is not elected the Secretary will fill this role.

Webmaster: The Social Media/ Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the MEPW website as well as Maintaining and social media sites along with monitoring individual team pages. 

“At-Large” Members: All “At-Large” members will attend regular monthly meetings and assist in areas deemed necessary. 

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